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However, when Tilly arrived, he saw that Swedes had already set up defensive fortifications, for it was standard procedure among the Swedish military to do so once they set up camp. Tilly, seeing that the element of surprise was out of the question, positioned his forces and opened fire on the Swedish camp with sixteen heavy guns, and the Swedes obliged Tilly with a volley of their own. Illustration of the Battle of Werben, detail. The first day of fighting was primarily sorties and heavy skirmishing outside the Swedish perimeter.

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The second day was much the same, as each side exchanged cannon fire and engaged in limited skirmishes. While Tilly was poking and prodding the Swedes, he received intelligence that a German unit within the Swedish ranks would mutiny. Tilly, understandably suspicious of the information, decided that it was something he could not ignore. Therefore, Tilly gave the order to launch a full-scale assault on the Swedish entrenchments. This would be a grave mistake.

As the imperial forces advanced, they came under a well-organized concentration of artillery and musket fire. The imperial forces began to drop quickly. Sensing that any further advancement would do them no good, they retreated, but as they did so, the Swedish cavalry fell on them. Six thousand imperial forces lay dead on the field of battle, while the remaining wounded and untouched scattered. After Werben, Tilly had received orders from the emperor to invade Saxony and force Elector John George to pledge his allegiance to the emperor and disband his army.

Battle of Breitenfeld, Clashing Forces

John George did not answer Tilly but stalled to see what terms Gustav could offer. John George gave Tilly a negative answer but by that time Tilly's forces had swelled to 36, troops who need supplies. Sensing that John George was not going to join the imperial forces, Tilly decided to move his forces into Saxony where he besieged, plundered, and raped the countryside for supplies. By September 8, , Tilly was quickly approaching Leipzig where he positioned his forces on the level terrain of Breitenfield, north of Leipzig.

On the September 11, , Gustav and John George came to a treaty in which Saxony would place its forces under the command of Gustav, along with one month's pay, food, shelter. Most importantly, Saxony would make no peace with the empire. His most current publication is Read More. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:.

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Skip to main content. Public Domain During this engagement, Gustav himself almost became a casualty.

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Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. From the time of his birth until his coronation, his upbringing involved many lessons in politics, literature, military science, and physical development Patterned papers from Lawn Fawn "Hello Sunshine". Button and ribbon from Crafty Ribbons.

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Bow die from unknown design. Pearls: Scrap Berry's. Papper: Vicky Boutin paper pad "Art for Everyone". Spets: Crafty Ribbons Amour lace. Papper: 4 Times. Glittertape: American Crafts. Alphas: Snap. Crystals: Prima. Purple sheer organza ribbon: Crafty Ribbons. Flowers and bling from my stash.

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Papper: cardstock. Adhesive pearls: Nellie snellen.