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Reclaim the reins, Taurus. Only you are responsible for where you are heading. Nobody outside has the power to determine the course of your life. The Universe is giving you a chance to fall in love again.

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Break the walls and everything else that is possibly standing in the way. You deserve that happily-ever-after just like everybody else. Ready to change things up a little? Start by adding spontaneity and flow to an otherwise rigid routine. On the professional front, let your ambitious side come to the fore. Your larger-than-life vision is the reason you were hired in the first place. Everybody deserves some downtime—that includes you, Gemini.

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If travel is not on the cards right now, make the most of your circumstances. Is there an event or a workshop in your city that piques your interest? Something that stimulates both your intellectual and creative side, while letting you have plenty of fun? On a side note, your main girl could also benefit from some time off. Get her on board with your adventures. What if we told you, that you are your only limitation? Growth and expansion are on the cards for you. Opportunities you never imagined would come your way are knocking on your door.

Cancer, get out of your own way. Perfecting the fine art of balance will take you a long way. Pay attention: everything is in perfect order. Trust is your magic word.

Remember, the mind is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master. If you have been falling prey to the games your mind has been playing with you, now is the time to recenter. The path of meditation and mindfulness will help you find your balance. Go to the park and sweat them out instead. Do you believe in miracles? Apparently, so does the Universe.

Your Daily Horoscope For December 12, 2018

The key is to open your heart and allow yourself to receive. Coupled Virgos, is this argument worth losing your sleep over? Think about the love that brought you together in the first place. Now is the time to kiss and make up. But as a Libra you are always seeking for something deeper. A match of the minds. An intellectual connect.

Somebody you can debate and have meaningful conversations with. Ready or not, the Universe is sending a real charmer your way. On the professional front, your empire is growing slowly, but surely. If a certain client or company has been dilly-dallying, things could take a turn for the better today. Everybody deserves a happily-ever-after, Scorpio.

Have you been icing your partner out because of work or other commitments? Sudden events have called up the need to turn on a dime. You aren't quite sure how to handle this. There could be scenarios that rhyme with "Don't let the door hit you on the way out," or situations in which the straw breaks the camel's back and it's all over.

These things can be disconcerting, until you realize that change comes in a million different shapes and sizes. Take a deep breath and detach enough to see that as upsetting as this feels, all of it is perfect.

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If you can ride it out, when it's all said and done you will smile at the way fate conspires to give us what we need. So maybe it's true that people aren't taking your needs into account, but who knows? Maybe they're dealing with too much of their own stuff to give you much thought. Don't assume that you're being overlooked. This brings up a huge question: At the end of the day, whose job is it to meet your needs?

If you expect anyone but you to handle that chore, you will be disappointed every time. For the next few weeks, take a long look at the extent to which you are whole and complete within yourself and stop casting blame on whoever it is that doesn't seem to be "there" for you. The next time you decide to be open with people, make sure you can trust them. It's great that you've decided to let it all hang out, but in this situation whoever's on the other end of the line is either going to misinterpret everything you say or use it against you.

As much as you would love to have everything out in the open, others aren't used to honesty. Issues that have to do with how long will you have to wait for someone or something to come through have made you realize that you can't pin your hopes on anything, and you can't put your plans or your life on hold forever. When it starts to feel like no one feels anything as much as you do, it's time to haul back and look at yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with always having your pulse hooked up to the heart of things, but too much of it is depressing.

Lifting yourself out of this will require you to find a way to channel your emotions into things that will give you a way to deal with them. At the mundane level, it would help to keep your attention on the simple things long enough to restore a sense of balance and continuity. Once you do this, your heart will lighten up again.

You are in the middle of something that promises to be a pivotal moment in your personal mythology. If it seems like nothing's going on, trust me; you will look back on this time as the point where your life finally got off the ground. After a long period of both trial and error, your experience has led you through the gauntlet and you're sailing into more certain waters.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

As triumph and success open the way to whatever you've been shooting for, don't let pride lead you to believe that you can't lose, or that this is all about anything but remaining true to yourself. You've just woken up to the fact that you're a little too understanding. At the very least, you give people way too much space to run their routine on you.

It would help if you gave yourself the credit you deserve. Stop nodding your head and going along with whatever they dish up. Turn on the switch that notices how you "feel," and tune in to it. The tendency to diminish yourself in the face of people who don't hold a candle to you is a self-destructive dingle berry from your childhood.

It stopped working for you ages ago. There's no better time than now to get over it. If you can zero in on the most important thing and refine the scope of your activities, what is at present too confusing for words will simmer down and become easier to manage.

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You have fallen victim to what happens to us when we don't take the time to keep things trimmed as they grow. If you wonder how you're going to get things to change, start by noticing who and what sucks up too much of your time, and eliminate those influences from your life. In the space that opens up as a result, you'll hear the voice that knows how many better things you have to do. There's no such thing as too much of a good thing.

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Whatever's going on with you guys right now, it's happening in a big way. The energy for growth and expansion is so potent, it's enough to make anyone pregnant! The love child and the brain child are six-of-one, half-dozen-of-another, so the question is: what do you want to create? In the midst of all this incredible goodness, you need to be sharp about not getting stuck and do your best to understand that your growth may require you to change more than your ZIP code; are you up for what could be a whole new life?

A short break from whatever the story is would help you immensely. You may even need to step back from things that have become thorns in your side in order to see exactly what the source of your problem is.

As much as you want all of this to settle down into a perfectly ordered picture, there are issues that need to be addressed. Before the fall equinox arrives, it would be good to stop the madness and retreat to a place that allows you to face the truth. Life is not a walk in the park.