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The nostalgic energy of Art Nouveau is captured in this Lenormand oracle in a way that provides advice and unique perspectives on any life issue you may be experiencing. With graceful figures and stylized motifs, this is a deck that invites breakthroughs into realms of knowledge and peace. Features the elegant forms of artist Antonella Castelli.

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Card Images from the Astrological Oracle

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Art Nouveau Lenormand Oracle

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CustomerService Llewellyn. Oops We're Sorry. Home Browse Products. Browse a listing of categories to choose from Go back to the home page and start fresh Return to the previous page. The Astrological Oracle is stunning oracle illustrated in a romantic, lush Art Nouveau style. There are 22 personified cards in the deck: 12 zodiac cards and 10 planet cards. As well as being a basic introduction to elemental astrology, it's also a beautiful oracle deck.

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  6. Astrology is a complex occult science that requires quite a commitment in order to master it. However, if you are curious about some of the simpler applications of astrology then the Astrological Oracle Cards are a great starting point. Undoubtedly these cards have the potential for complex readings, however their charm lies in making the complicated simple and accessible, and available for everyday use.

    Art Nouveau September, Libra

    This is a small deck of only 22 cards - 12 Zodiac cards, and 10 Planet cards. These are basically two sets of cards which are a complementary pair. For most readings they will be shuffled separately then placed in appropriate positions. Two divinatory layouts included with this deck demonstrate how the cards may be used: the Divine Dialogue Reading involves drawing a pair of planetary cards and reading them as a complementary pair.

    A divinatory meaning is given for each star sign which is basically a short personality portrait. The planets are described in terms of the attributes of their ruling gods, and the qualities they embody. This is followed by all possible permutations of planetary pairs. The names of the planets are listed both ways for ease of reference, so for example, you can look up Venus and Mars or Mars and Venus and get an identical divinatory meaning.