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The Sun is moving through the sector of the Capricorn star sign chart ruling travel and education. You can unfortunately expect your perspective and beliefs to be challenged in September as you distinguish between what is real and what is not. Virgo season is an intense time for those born in the Aquarius star sign, as the Sun illuminates a sector of your chart that symbolising endings. Astrology advocates arrive at a turning point in September, able to distinguish between what between the wheat and the chaff, in particular with regards to relationships.

Extending from organisational skills to avoiding bad habits, the Virgo Sun inspires us to make your life healthier and easier. However, with plenty of planets in Virgo opposing dreamy Neptune in September, you can expect yourself to be drained of energy, requiring more rest between bursts of productivity. Neptune is the planet of illusion and delusion, and Neptune can conflict with your schedule this September. Virgo season is one of the more virile season for Taurus astrology adherents and September begins with excitement with Mercury in Virgo making a harmonious connection with Uranus in Taurus.

The Sun meets Mars in Virgo in early September, sparking a new cycle in understanding for what you wish for in life. A passionate energy is concurrently in the atmosphere as Venus clashes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in Sagittarius. September finds Geminis retreating from public life to reconsider their career and realign their emotions.

This can provide unexpected communication and inspiration capable of moving us on and embracing new ways of thinking.

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Brilliant ideas arrive in early September as the planet of the mind, Mercury creates a harmonious aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Expect September to represent an ideal opportunity to discuss plans, commitments, and value as Venus in Virgo connects with Saturn in Capricorn. Virgo September horoscope: Virgo will feel revitalised as the Sun returns to your zodiac sign, helping us celebrate life. Expect insightful ideas to be born as Mercury connects with the planet Uranus.

Annie Besant, Aries being the rising sign. In Pope Alexander VI, the same qualities are apparent; but here Capricorn and Saturn are rising; and, although Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and so not inharmonious with the Aries temperament, yet a Saturnian element is super-added with the most unfortunate results.

Here Saturn conjoins the Sun and both are square to Mars oppose Uranus. People with Uranus in Aries are always so firmly convinced they are right that opposition to their wishes appears to them as something positively unjustifiable, and they are therefore entirely unscrupulous in crushing such opposition. Sometimes this masterful quality is confined to legitimate lines, as in the case of Edison. Scorpio is rising, and its Lord, Mars, which sits on the cusp of the money house, is conjunct the Moon, representing the public.

As an independent newspaper boy, young Edison learned what interested the public and innovated ways to make money; he would go on to earn much money from the valuable inventions that he patented. Pluto and Neptune are strong and add to Edison's inventiveness. It will also be instructive to compare them with each other. Each had an iron will, an unscrupulous determination to have his own way at any cost; but Strafford has Virgo rising.

He prepared a plan for dealing with Ireland called "thorough," which was effectively to legalize massacre; but there is no passion in Virgo to cooperate with such violence, and Strafford was not strong enough to carry the plan out; he hung fire. Cromwell, with Aries rising, went through Ireland like a new Attila.

Anna Kingsford had Uranus in Aries; with Aquarius rising it is the ruler of the chart. Uranus gets more favorable aspects than any other planet - receiving trines from the Leo Moon and Midheaven, sextiles from Jupiter and the Ascendant, and an exact biquintile from Mercury. A close conjunction from Mars strengthens the Virgo Sun.

Here we find, then, a great example of the driving force of these configurations - Anna Kingsford, despite all disqualifications, disposed of an initiating force sufficient to arouse the thought of half the world. It is her work which made the growth of Theosophy and its analogous cults at all possible. She was, doubtless, the head of the battering-ram that broke in the gates of the materialistic philosophy of the Victorian Age. Robert Louis Stevenson has the last degrees of Aquarius rising, but Pisces is intercepted in the Ascendant, and Uranus in the first degrees of Aries is just within it.

There is no great natural harmony between Aries and Aquarius, but their presence together in the first house creates harmony. So we find Stevenson, despite the most distressing ill-health, producing masterpieces. Astrologic students of literature may attribute to Aquarius his curiously gentle, profound psychology, and to Uranus conjunct Pluto in Aries the passion for bloodthirsty incident, which may also be credited to the position of his Mars conjunct Sun in Scorpio. Saturn is also in the Ascendant, just above Uranus, and this adds the tinge of melancholy which so increases his incomparable charm.

Another example is Ludwig II of Bavaria. Here Uranus in the eleventh house is in semi-square to a conjunction of Neptune and Mars on the Midheaven. So we see a dreamy, easy, pleasure-loving temperament, which bursts out at times into maniacal enthusiasms and extravagances. The lack of harmony between Uranus and Neptune is the essential blot in the personality which ultimately manifested itself as madness.

A final example is Abbas Effendi. Aquarius is rising, and Uranus in Aries is just within the second house. Here we see the same gentle profundity as Stevenson's. But Neptune is rising opposed to the Moon; and, instead of the tremendous will which enabled Stevenson to rank with the greatest masters, there is but a soft and somewhat undefined personality, its Will remaining interior, not externalized, since the forces that oppress it are too strong to overcome, and also since Neptune, opposing the Moon, exercises an inhibitory influence on all continuous activity.

Libra September horoscope: Monthly astrology forecast - what do your horoscopes say?

Uranus in the Fourth House. Unsettled residence, many changes of house; misfortune in the place of birth; trouble through the parents; danger of paralysis or other incurable infirmity in old age; a sudden end to life. To arrive at the true valuation of Neptune's influence in the signs of the Zodiac and upon the native as he comes under the dominion of the signs, the reader must constantly bear in mind the peculiar nature of the planet as distinguished from other planets. Whereas Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn exert their influences chiefly upon man in his mundane capacities, his evolutionary life, Neptune exerts a spiritual influence upon man in the midst of the latter's mundane existence, for Neptune is the planet of spiritual forces, of the revolutionary spirit itself.

Neptune's influence upon a life dominated wholly or chiefly by physical or materialistic interests is likely to be wholly bad or malefic, while this same influence, stressed upon a life already under a spiritual leading, will be wholly good or benefic. It is the Neptune influence that gives the wings of vision to humanity in its long struggle out of darkness into the light of eternity. Materialistic persons can think only in relative values of a day, a month, a year at most; intellectually developed persons think in values of a lifetime; but those of our sphere who are spiritually conscious think and work in terms of the eternal; to these a century is as a year, a cycle as a life; they are the true Neptunians.

The materialistic astrologer classes Neptune "malefic, sinister, obscure," but the enlightened astrologian thoroughly understands that Neptune causes upon this earth and upon its natives the influx of a spiritual element unrelated to strictly earthly affairs. While the other planets are commensurable and deal with the relative, Neptune is incommensurable; he intrudes the absolute. In other words, for those developed spiritually Neptune is wholly "good," for others he seems wholly "bad.

On the other hand, for those whose desires cause them to plunge and wallow in the troughs of mere material delights and satisfactions, the Neptune influence is as a lightning bolt that shatters their temples of materialism to the very foundations. Neptune's orbit, being the outer circle of our known universe, is so vast, the effect of his movement upon the earth is so slow, that we may best consider his influence as negative upon our physical life, and as positive upon our spiritual impulses.

He is as an indication of the tendency of the period, the planet of the new era, a barometer of the latter-day Universe.

Libra Monthly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

Neptune requires approximately fourteen years to move through a single sign. To give an account of his effects upon humanity would be to write the history of the world. One can gauge him, to some extent, by considering certain events of comparatively recent times.

Matters requiring wisdom are usually directed by men of between forty-five and fifty-five years, and the consensus of their influence may be divined from the place of Neptune at their birth. Thus the Revolution of was brought about by men influenced by Neptune in Libra; they struggled for freedom and justice, but their policy lacked virility, while their methods failed because of indirectness. Similarly, the French Revolution was begun by people influenced by Neptune in Leo, but the generations of preparation toward that event involved people with that planet in Cancer or Gemini.

Cromwell's Neptune was also in Leo. The recent Great War was doubtless due to the influence of people born with Neptune in Aries; while the rebuilding of civilization has fallen upon those laborious and initiative men and women for whom Neptune works through Taurus and Gemini. The scientific advance of the Nineteenth Century was due to pioneers stimulated by Neptune in Capricorn; and the fruits of their labors were gathered by men born with Neptune in Aquarius.

Neptune was in Pisces, influencing the artistic, psychic decadent generation of the Nineties. Times when skeptical thought attacks tradition by purely intellectual methods and makes constructive work possible are those influenced by Neptune in Gemini. Immanuel Kant, who destroyed the old philosophy, Voltaire, who destroyed the old religion, and their contemporaries were of such a generation. Neptune, being the planet of spiritual forces, is always revolutionary. Forever he quickens the old life and increases the new life; the principle is the same; only the material varies according to the signs through which he moves.

Because of the character of Neptune and the long period of time it requires to pass through a single sign, its influence upon the individual is very dependent upon its position and aspect to other planets. It is, therefore, obviously unnecessary to go into a lengthy account of its effect upon the individual in the twelve signs. Neptune in Pisces. People who have Neptune in Pisces are psychic in the extreme, over-modest and reserved. As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, it is the most propitious position which this planet can hold. Pisces is a distinctly passive sign, and this is a completely passive position for Neptune.

Pisces is also not a sign of great active strength and assertive power; its forces are more negative, receptive, reflectively benefic. Thus, while in its own sign, Neptune does not possess nearly so much power to affect the material plane as in either more active or more material signs. In fact, the very spirituality of the planet and the very psychic passivity of the sign inevitably do not make for strength of manifestation on a physical earth.

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Thus, as the materialistic Scorpio is the most powerful position of Neptune and the spiritual Sagittarius its next in force, so, the material Capricorn being the weakest position, the psychic Pisces is its next in weakness, viewed from a material standpoint. Otherwise, Pisces might be considered the most powerful position of Neptune.

In the individual nativity, this position of Neptune in Pisces does not, as a rule, make for singularly dynamic impulses of high, altruistic quality. Most people are too materially active for this passive, psychic force to exert its influence. Unlike the position in Sagittarius, so strongly active, this position has little effect upon the average man, while it may lend force to the extraordinary man. Kaiser Wilhelm II, under whose strong rule Germany prospered for thirty years, had Neptune in Pisces angular in his chart, conjunct both the Midheaven and Mars.

The talented comedic wit Oscar Wilde had Neptune in Pisces angular on his Descendant; unfortunately afflicted by a close square from Saturn on the Midheaven; the youthful radiance bestowed by Neptune gave way to imprisonment and a tragic end. Painter Paul Gauguin had Neptune angular on the Descendant and the focus of a Kite pattern formed by the Moon, Mercury, and Chiron; he was successful as a stockbroker until he decided to escape civilization for the simple life of Tahiti. Desiring to escape to a simpler life is a common theme with people having a strong Neptune. A malefic Neptune in Pisces gives a craving for narcotics and strong liquor.

Neptune in the Third House. Occult sympathies; change of name by deed or alias; psychological faculties; curious beliefs; inventive mind, fruitful imagination; dangerous journeys, and imposition or fraud among relatives; power of astral projection, or spiritual vision; high intuitive perceptions. Pluto is a cold, remote, and austere planet. But for all its great distance from Earth, astrologers have found it to have a powerful influence in the life - as significant as is Saturn for the direction of one's life. Pluto gives the courage and intensity to transform oneself, sometimes in unexpected ways.

All the outer planets symbolize higher mind functions and give awareness of the big picture - Pluto confers breadth, versatility, consciousness and judgment. Pluto's choices may violate social custom; it sees in terms of longer cycles and needs. Pluto is not by itself spiritual in nature, rather it is remorseless. It sometimes correlates with efficiency and a Spartan simplicity.

Pluto in Capricorn.

Your generation matures early, occupying itself with serious matters such as the reform of business, politics, government, religion, science, and the environment. You may be a critic, but you are not a radical. Security is important to you. If Pluto is strong in your chart, you will strive for wisdom through reading and learning. You may idealize your father or a teacher and suffer from bouts of loneliness. You are capable of great self-knowledge and self-integration. If you bite the bullet and take well thought-out actions, you will leave the world a better place.

Pluto in the Second House. Gives powerful cravings for sensual experience. Look to the aspects of Pluto to see how the sex drive is expressed, repressed, or channeled into creative expression. Craves the unusual, different, or extreme. Gives a female many children. Possibility of financial shocks, such as tax audits. Saturn square Neptune 5. This influence varies from the other-worldly, who lack ambition and do not wish to be troubled with responsibility, to the crafty and designing who wish to win through at all costs and by any means.

The two planets are of so different a nature that the character of the native is also divided, presenting very contradictory aspects at different times or in connection with different matters. There is nearly always the power to work hard, and even the opposition may not hinder great success Henry Ford. On the other hand, the desire for retirement and seclusion may predominate.

There is usually a certain degree of self-will, and sometimes the native nourishes fantastic and impracticable schemes and ambitions. There is scandal and sometimes even downfall, but nevertheless these aspects do not appear always to be serious, and, being of long duration by reason of the slowness of the two bodies involved, they need not be taken as very important unless they are either very close, or on angles, or involved with other bodies. Since Saturn rules the 11th house essentially, the friends may be treacherous, unstable, parasitic, or implicated in scandals.

The ambitions are frequently thwarted and one's good name is liable to be assailed by hidden channels and in ways difficult of detection. I have known great suspiciousness under this contact. Saturn conjunct Ascendant 5. Saturn rising at the time of your birth is not fortunate, so far as your worldly prosperity is concerned, as it indicates that the environment into which you were born was not the most favorable for progress or prosperity; you will have many obstacles with which to contend, and your success depends more upon your own efforts than upon any help from outside.

You are industrious and plodding, and you can be very persevering and economical; also prudent and reserved. Your goal eventually will be Chastity and Justice - the more you cultivate moral virtues the nearer will you approach the true saturnine qualities, Meditation, Contemplation, Truth. Venus trine Saturn 4. These planets are of so diverse a nature that any union of their action seems, in my experience, to be evil from the standpoint of ordinary happiness; and I cannot trace a very clear demarcation in this respect between the so-called good and the so-called evil aspects.

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For example, in my cases of suicide there is exactly the same number of the one class as of the other. It would seem that some bodies are of a naturally antagonistic character, so that even the harmony of a trine or sextile cannot altogether weld their influences into harmony. Naturally this failure of the good aspects to produce good is the more noticeable when either Venus or Saturn is otherwise weak by sign or aspect. In some fifty cases that I have tabulated it is extremely hard to differentiate the good from the bad aspects by a mere reference to the facts of the life and character of each native : some of the unhappiest have had the former, and vice versa.

Venus is naturally a light-spirited influence, and any contact of Saturn seems to quench this : "chill as a dull face frowning on a song. But with the harmonious aspects it is probable that not only are the actual effects alleviated, even if we cannot measure this mitigation, but there is the possibility of considerable spiritual beauty, born of material hardship and the absence of the ordinary pleasures of life.

Indeed these are often willingly rejected for the sake of some ideal. The burden is born, but it is carried gladly. Saturn is irradiated by Venus, and the "spiritual marriage" may be consummated. In all cases the affections are likely to be very concentrated and of a serious character, idealistic but never passionate in an emotional sense.

In the case of women the contact often means the sacrifice of the personal desires on the altar of family ties and obligations. Sun trine Mars 3. This aspect indicates great energy, and, subject to the remainder of the map, much actual daring and adventurousness. Nevertheless, this energy is frequently expressed in intellectual fields and is by no means always concerned with adventures in the usual sense of this word. There is usually strength and hardihood of body, though the physique is often spare and wiry rather than heavy and powerful. There is quick decision, alertness, and ability in all matters appertaining to objective problems.

Nothing is too much trouble; the native likes to exercise his powers both physical and mental, and he is never happy unless doing something. He is far happier when busy performing or discussing his own doings than when forced to listen to others. If airy or mutable signs rise, the energy is often intellectual; with watery signs ascending, there is often a "psychical" expression, i.

Regard must also naturally be paid to the signs containing the aspecting bodies themselves, but in any case there will probably be a decisive type of character, knowing well what it thinks, wishes, and intends. The profounder Scorpio side of Mars often causes the native to be a seeker after "hidden" things, a deep thinker, and an incisive, close-knit writer, such as R. Emerson had a Yod pattern focused on It likes epigram and apothegm.

The same influence makes the native secretive, having a distinct inner side that is rarely exhibited; it is also productive of personal dignity and self-control. Likewise patient endurance of physical pain comes under this configuration, such as was exemplified by the late Earl Curzon. Note that even the harmonious contacts usually bring some of the effects more often ascribed to the inharmonious, especially if either body is weak by sign or by other aspects. But these are likely to fall short of actual harm and may be rather of the nature of narrow escapes. For example, Lord Roberts was in the utmost danger when he won his Victoria Cross.

Mercury conjunct Venus 2.

French Literature

This aspect always gives some charm to the manners, speech, and writings. The sensitiveness is not marked, and is of the kind normally associated with refinement and good breeding. The conjunction bestows good spirits, a charming, cheerful, happy nature, with much friendliness and sociability.

There is, as a rule, a liking for young people and the native himself is often juvenile in his tastes : sometimes there is an element of what is called the child-psychology with its harmless, rather superficial interests and lack of real depth of purpose. This is naturally most observable when the influence of Saturn is not pronounced. The aspect does not of itself bestow genius, but is of great value to a writer or orator, for, though it does not indicate a brilliant intellect, it will give a pleasing expression to the native's thoughts.

In respect of the health it operates very beneficially, indicating absence of mental friction and healthy nerves. It may bring profit through art, writings, speaking, and any 3rd house activity. For some reason that I cannot explain the conjunction does not seem favorable to the children of the native.

Often indeed there are none; and in other cases there is separation or a lack of common interests. It seems to tend more to the production of intellectual offspring, such as works of art or literature. Jupiter trine Pluto 1. You are powerful and creative, with a distinct style that is all your own. You take more chances than do most. You may be genial and pleasant, but underneath there is an intensity that others find intimidating.

You are a significant somebody, but there is no guarantee that all your decisions are the correct ones. Seek advice from less confident associates. Sun square Uranus 1. This is pre-eminently a contact of leadership, for the will, in all Sun-Uranus aspects, is strong and independent. However, unless the horoscope contains other mitigating features, the inharmonious contacts are likely to be of an unfortunate nature, even to the extent of catastrophe.

The self-will of the native is likely to be extreme and the judgment is perverse, refusing, when the self-will is aroused, to take account of the most patent and important facts. Sometimes the afflicted-Uranus person is, as it were, impelled from without to work his own destruction or injury. Vanity, morbid sensitiveness, and wrong-headedness of every kind characterize this class of aspects : if the native is a genius, it will rob him of many of the rewards of genius; if he is capable, he will still, by some foolish act, destroy the fruits of his own work, perhaps after much labor and effort.

Even if he is personally amiable, he will still be stubborn, misguided, and fickle. The views, interests, and pursuits are liable to be completely changed, abruptly and often frequently. In women it is certainly less dangerous than in men, but it indicates high nervous tension sometimes bordering on the hysterical; and if they are called on to exercise authority the same tendency will be seen to "take hold of the wrong end of the stick" and to be their own enemy, by some uncalled-for and unnecessary ineptitude.

It is not in everyday life that this affliction will generally appear; it will act only occasionally, but often at the most critical times. In matters of health it inclines to nervous complaints and also to deep-rooted and obscure ailments. It is a common contact in the maps of leaders of "occult" movements and peculiar cults; but it is an aspect of discord and disruption, and none the less so because such people frequently preach "brotherhood" before all things, the benefits of this fraternal feeling being as a rule exclusively reserved for those who are prepared to "feed out of the hand" of the teacher!

As a general rule they are difficult people to be on the wrong side of, and in such circumstances can be "good haters. Where there is no support from other bodies there can be no doubt that these aspects call for great self-control of the feeling side of the nature, as well as a strenuous effort to maintain mental balance and common-sense.

The native cannot be too careful to avoid precipitate action, especially when the feelings are aroused. Above all, the tendency to indulge in inflated fancies of the kind that panders to personal vanity must be avoided, for the dramatic proclivities of the harmonious aspects appear in the inharmonious ones in the guise of self-glorifying impulses, which may have serious results if the rest of the map is of the same kind.

There is usually a complete lack of humor in so far as the native is the target thereof. It is not a criminal contact and appears to indicate peril to the emotional nature rather than the passional. Further, it may be conceded that it is commonly found in the maps of gifted people, though they may be eccentric and have the other failings here mentioned.

Again the ideals may be high and the intentions of the best, nor are they ever cunning or underhanded. They may organize well, and it may be said that often a person with the inharmonious contacts will for a long period behave as wisely and successfully as if he had the harmonious : then he will perhaps suddenly and without reason go off at a tangent and either abandon or gravely injure the construction he has raised.

If they inherit or take over a "going concern" they tend to tamper with it, and cannot let well alone. Moon square Saturn 0. The inner side of these contacts is usually inefficiency, the native being a bad leader and organizer, without set purpose or policy, often not intelligent and confused in his methods, giving himself and others unnecessary trouble.

He is careless and imprudent, weak and obstinate, cunning and silly, astute in details, but blind in main issues. Sometimes it causes laziness; sometimes energy without persistence. Depression and discontent are common. With depression there is often a lack of real self-reliance and the native may be a prey to fear and foreboding, and a feeling of general inadequacy in respect of his obligations and duties. He is apt sometimes to rely on the material supports of life rather than on character. Shyness is common. The entire feminine side of the nature is limited by this contact, and unless other aspects come to the assistance of the Moon, much unhappiness and emotional inhibition may occur.

Even the good aspects of the Moon and Saturn sometimes tend to dourness and rigidity, and a dislike of, or inability to partake in, pleasures, particularly if Venus be weak. On the circumstantial side, which will be the more evident in many cases, there is a likelihood of hardship particularly in early and in late life. The native may easily be misunderstood, and have to endure harshness, severity, and lack of emotional satisfaction.

See more. Your request is being dealt with, we will contact you shortly. Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Last name. This transit tells you that yes, maybe you can! Reality is more front and center during the Venus-Neptune square on November 14, especially when it comes to love and money. Stay strong, Libra.

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Nothing lasts forever. Loving Venus enters strict Capricorn on the twenty-fifth, though, which should help you get your act together in those areas of life. The Goat is goal-oriented and future-focused, so laying down the groundwork now can result in something pretty amazing in the future. What planets have in store for you? Zaniah is the peacemaker, however, so ironically this third person can also be the diplomat.

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