Marie claire january 2020 horoscope

The second half will be better spent socialising and creating community.

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Personal growth and emotional freedom are also important. You want a free hand to prove your capabilities, to make your own choices and to assert your individuality - without compromise. The spirit can only grow when challenged.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here! October 4th - October 11th | Marie Claire Australia

You have your own life to lead and sainthood is a tiring road to follow. If you need some clear thinking space - perhaps a few days break might let you reflect from a distance. The planets encourage you to spread your wings and fly - preferably somewhere quiet.

The planets push for more honesty at home. If relationships feel strained, talk problems through. For others, the week attempts the sorting out of family feuds.

Perhaps, too, painful remnants of childhood demand resolution. Saturn also delivers a busy work schedule. There may be little rest right now, but much should be resolved. Not exactly a smooth run, but friction can become your friend with a little bit of self-analysis. Although you may have nothing to hide, others could still be suspicious.

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If your love life has fallen short of exhilarating, this week finds you searching for new ways to have fun. Licentious feelings run high - so unlike you, Cancer. We all have the occasional itch to scratch. It could be difficult to differentiate between truth and fiction this week. If asked to referee family feuds, step away. You've more pressing issues to address.

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In all of this, take special care of yourself. And conquer, you will. Use this week to inspire new ambitions. Some of your zodiac neighbours have been struggling with reality checks. Virgos feel a vague sense of irritation. While blaming others can be easy, try looking within.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here! October 4th - October 11th

Past grievances may have some bearing on present anger or uncertainty. Worrying about income makes no difference but it could attract dishonest individuals. There are plenty of sharks out there all-too-happy to feed on floundering bait. Scorpio, when will you learn?

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The more you give, the less grateful others become. Finally, your patience starts to runs thin. The sudden shock of a painful sting brings you extra appreciation from others. Something or someone you had dismissed as a lost cause is back on your radar.

The coming Saturn/Pluto conjunction- update

One particular individual may be remarkably generous, forgiving or romantically attentive. But increased happiness is now on offer to you. Earthy Capricorns can be slow in romance, but dynamite once ignited!

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