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It would appear that somebody, or even state actors clearly didn't want the Rafah Gate opened. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has put that on indefinite hold. Gaza has been isolated by a blockade on both its Israeli and Egyptian borders for 11 years. This week I show why I thought Egypt would be a November hotspot and analyse the planetary patterns that affect this ancient land.

The current cycle began at The position of the Sun was 26 degrees of Scorpio. This degree area has a special connection with critical events and people in the history of modern Egypt. The Luxor Massacre, taking 62 lives, took place on the morning of November 17 with the Sun positioned at 25 degrees of Scorpio.

The canal was owned and operated primarily by overseas interests, begun via forced local labor and for many years Egypt had no representation on the Suez Canal Company board and saw little of its profits. Egyptian President Gabdel Nasser eventually paid out the investors and nationalised the Suez Canal on the evening of July 26 with Saturn at 26 degrees of Scorpio. The Sun was between 26 and 27 degrees of Scorpio. On October 6 , whilst viewing a military parade to commemorate the Yom Kippur War, President Sadat was assassinated. Venus and rebellious Uranus were in conjunction between 26 and 27 degrees of Scorpio.

I think you get the picture. These are some of the things I looked in deciding the importance of the November 18 New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio for Egypt. And so it played out. As terrible as the attack on the Bir al-Abed mosque is, it is dwarfed by the death toll of the Raba massacre. That began from 7 am on August 14 The Egyptian army violently dispersed a six week sit in at Raba Square Cairo, protesting against the military coup that ousted their democratically elected government.

Over were killed with another 4, plus injured. General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi — now President - sanctioned that operation. Egypt today is a far cry from the rich kingdoms of the Pharaohs in the glorious Valley of the Nile. Tightly controlled by strong-arm military rule, the country stands as a stark example of 'deep state' bureaucracy with western puppeteers pulling the financial strings. Foreign intervention was always on the cards from The Islamists had gained control. Morsi was unable to convince the International Monetary Federation to finance government loans.

There was a flight of foreign capital as Standard and Poors downgraded Egypt's credit rating. Morsi meanwhile was rewriting the constitution as his populace was growing restless. One year into his presidency Morsi was given an ultimatum by his newly appointed Defence Minister General Abdul al-Sisi — resign and call new elections.

By 10 am July 4 , an interim leader was sworn in as the General, despite public denials, prepared his presidential bid. There was no irony or accident about the date — July 4 — and the difficulty that western diplomats had in verbalising the word 'coup'. But the Arab Spring had been sprung and it was back to business as usual. Morsi was consigned to prison. Egyptian government has evolved over thirty year periods coincident with the Saturn cycle and its transit of Libra.

This period times a stronger nationalist sentiment and fight for autonomy. It is something that I had discussed with my astro friend now deceased Jeff Jawer and inspired an article for his website StarIq. Using this formula Hosni Mubarak's fall from grace was forecast before it happened. It goes like this. The founding of modern Egypt dates to the self declared Khedive, Muhammad Ali. He took command on May 17 and reformed the culture, economy and military thereafter. His dynasty continued with the approval of the Ottomans and later Great Britain, surviving until It began with Saturn at 10 degrees of Libra and would end with Saturn at the same Libran degree.

Meantime in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Feb 28 - Egypt granted independence by Great Britain. Egyptian Kingdom recognised at 10 am March Saturn at 5 degrees of Libra. July 23 - Monarchy overthrown in Egyptian Military Revolution. Saturn at 10 degrees Libra.

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Oct 6 - President Sadat assassinated at a military parade — His deputy Hosni Mubarak becomes leader. Saturn at 13 degrees Libra. February 11 — Cairo protests ignite the Arab Spring. President Hosni Mubarak resigns. Saturn at 17 degrees of Libra.

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This doesn't mean we have to wait another thirty years for presidential change. But it does suggest a stronger nationalist sentiment and therefore a leadership change in the distant future from late onward. In the interim the struggle for autonomy goes on. For now the Egyptian Army still receive their financial package from the US, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies are onside and the western banks are re supplying Egypt. So why isn't it working better and why does Al-Sisi still need to rule with an iron fist?