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Now, I can count, but everyone will tell you I never knew the score in a lacrosse game I was playing because it was always about being in the moment of the big picture. Someone else can do the pesky detail and keep score. I know if I am winning or losing and that is all I need to know. So how was I ever going to painstakingly scrutinize information? Instead I called on my fire and protested vigorously; take note I was getting very good at that fire lesson.

The suggestion was to record a daily diary of the foods I ate. I felt like the 5 year old being dragged from the park to wash up for dinner. So I did it and I did it for months and even over Thanksgiving! I learned there was a rascal in the midst and while it had been a foodie fave of mine, letting it go in favor of eliminating those pesky aches was worth it and those ten pounds lost were just a bonus on top of it all.

The hero of that story was my north node in Virgo! Who knew how helpful this would be to me? Apparently the universe did. Drum roll as we hit week 4 and the planet Saturn. Saturn, the planet of limitation and discipline in my natal chart is stuck to my sun for my WHOLE life!

And I am in a Saturn return, so I knew Saturn was going to be impactful and an important planet in my life and so with eyes closed I braced for the blow. After buying nearly every Saturn book on the market and reading every blog- scary as they were, I learned I am doing ok with my little friend who sits next to me all day and all night. He keeps me on the straight and narrow and as long as I am doing my purpose, which is being my own leader, Saturn is not going to reign fury.

When I divert, default, get anxious, eat the extra piece of cake, he gives me the eye that says I am watching you, but I never stray too far. Nothing inspires me more than climbing a mountain, literally, or at least a hill these days.

Life is fun with Saturn as my friend. After all, this Saturn return led me to look for Astrology and I am having the time of my life. My head is in the clouds, I am seeing a magnificent sunrise and my heart is beating with joy on this mountain.

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You too can find your magic and learn to love you. Finding someone to help interpret your astrological chart can be a game changer. Email me if you would like a reading. And absolutely jump on the Astrology train with the Debra Silverman Astrology school right now or check out the list of certified astrologers on her website.

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